Letter to the American Medical Association

I sent the following letter to the AMA in late January. I believe the “tools” used in health care are cumbersome, and a CPT Code overhaul is desperately needed.

The Enterprise1 of Health Care is using dreadful tools to guide a physician to efficiently use technology. The tools are based on the American Medical Association (AMA) Evaluation and Management (E&M) Service Guidelines. The process in the EHR systems are so cumbersome that many physicians dictate the note rather than spend time clicking and using drop downs available in the software systems.

I am identifying below/attached the motives and recommendations relative to why I believe the time is right to send in an application to the AMA coding panel to improve the CPT codes for the provider evaluations. I am requesting your comments and advice, if I should proceed with preparing a CPT 4 application to the AMA for changes of the Evaluation and Management codes. As I understand, CMS in 2014 denied AMA’s new guidelines for Evaluation and Management coding.

A lot has changed in two years and I believe that CMS, the Congress, and President Trump will listen carefully to the final recommendations that come about.

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